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Poland-Belarus border: Individuals forced back into a polish forest

Poland-Belarus border: Individuals forced back into a polish forest

Bialystok, Poland – Mahir* and you may Hasan* wove their means thanks to a tree from inside the east Poland. It actually was a dry begin to brand new spring season, as well as the branches and you will actually leaves rustled and you will cracked under the sneakers.

Just per week earlier, both had met for the first time on a shared friend’s dingy student housing to the a warm February day in Moscow.

Mahir, a 40-year-old computer system professional out-of Yemen, got quickly heated towards 29-year-dated Sudanese architect’s smiling feeling and forthright emotions. A careful coordinator, Hasan, whom arrived sporting pants, hiking shoes and you can a white jacket, exuded an environment away from confidence and you can optimism which had immediately set Mahir comfortable.

Nevertheless now, as they averted to catch their breathing and test their not familiar land, Mahir indexed a-flicker of concern thumb across the Hasan’s deal with. They had simply succeeded inside crossing into Eu through Belarus, the past stage out-of a search which had started in their particular homelands, where they had faced persecution and you can political unrest. This was brand new region that they had maybe not organized for.

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