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The fresh methodology of study boasts historical studies of one’s George F

The fresh methodology of study boasts historical studies of one’s George F


The intention of this research is to examine the latest type or rural, south Italian lady to help you industrial lives in the Endicott, Ny, at the beginning of ages of your twentieth century. It shows exactly how Italian ladies attained familial goals compliment of their contribution from inside the wage work and how, owing to the public and you will public circumstances, they facilitated their families’ variation to Western life. It gift ideas a clear matter of the bigger issue of the fresh time and effort and influence out of immigrant culture from the “” new world “”, problems that has been at the center away from immigration scholarship over the past three decades.

Johnson Paperwork, Us census study, statistical investigation of Endicott Johnson Employment Records, and interview which have previous Endicott Johnson professionals.

The top results of one’s analysis is actually one to Italian ladies in Endicott, Ny hit familial needs through involvement inside wage labor; and you may, your involvement of your Italian girls work force in america ranged notably according to services of your own regional environment. These characteristics integrated the economical framework of the city, the fresh new geographic settlement patterns regarding immigrants, your neighborhood job market, the latest sexual segmentation of your own work force in addition to distance from office space so you can residence.

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